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Neena Singh paint out of some sort of compulsion. I started to paint when I felt that what I was experiencing was beyond the realm of words and that needed to be expressed, if I wanted to remain sane. I live and work in Mumbai. 

Painting for me is a medium that allows me to reclaim that which gets eroded by everyday life. It helps me to create a centre, a space where I can return to and reclaim my equilibrium; the process of painting is cathartic. Painting to me is not about the colour and the techniques. It’s about the life that I live and engage with. Idea is not to engage with the form of my chosen subjects, it is to capture, to penetrate the essence. I have learnt to surrender to the process and let the presence emerge. The process of painting creates a twilight zone which bridges the gap between what is visible and what lies beyond the obvious. Between these two zones infinite possibilities exist and it is in that space where art happens to me.