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Debjani is born in1964 and raised in Kuwait. Debjani’s work is reminiscent of Fauvist sensibilities, deriving its primary impact and emotional expression from intense colour. Art to her is an assimilation of the creative forces that exist within us. It is only the forms of expressions that vary from person to person; hence there is no bad art. Paintings help her to bring out the emotions, turmoil’s and joy that she feels within herself. She believes that it is with the paint brush and the effect of the colours on the canvas that this exercise of the soul is completed.

She is Graduated with honours in Political Science from Jadavpur University in 1986, Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Arts from Bangiya Sangeet Parishad, affiliated with Rabindra Bharati University in 2004, Post Graduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies, specializing in Art and Architecture. 

She had Solo Shows in Chitrakoot art gallery, Kolkata (2005). She has held several other exhibitions organised by reputed institutions across India. Her Collections are in Kuwait (2003-04), New Jersey (2004-05), and many other places.