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Naveena Ganjoo

Life brought time to me in Shades. I learnt to mark time, emotions and feelings in shades coupled with fragrances of ever elusive seasons, ensconced in the cool, reassuring shady grove of trees in neighborhood. The Shades of brightly caparisoned canopies, pervaded with the musky fragrances of the woods, nurtured me as one would their only child.

Nostalgia overwhelms me at the ssweet recollections of the shades of the grove, the fragrances that were so distinctly proclaiming the passage or the advent of seasons, the chirping of birds that shared my grove and the imperceptible shift in inflection and modulation of their calls, complementing the changing shades.

The ever enthralling saga of hues and shades marking the circle of time has gently guided the brush strokes to captivate the shades of your imagination