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Nitish is born in 1973, Bhilai. This young and energetic artist’s work comes in large expanse of paper and canvas submerged in abstract forms and lines in bright acrylic colours. The layering of textures is built in measured brush strokes as geometrical forms start to merge from amidst a riot of floating structures and abstraction in colour. Starting as a figurative artist, he began to shed off all the trappings to turn to minimalist and non representational art that he has been creating of late. His art engages the viewer to search beyond the veil of myriad hues and formulate own viewpoint.

Nitish has participated in several solo and group exhibitions at Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal, Bangalore, Allahabad, Chennai and Indore in India as well as at New York and Dubai. A regular participant at art camps and workshops, his critically acclaimed work has been picked up by many private and corporate collectors from around India and abroad including Roopankar Museum at Bharat Bhavan Bhopal. Nitish lives in Mumbai and works from his studio in the city.