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Nayanaa is born in 1950, Pune, Maharashtra. Speaking about her art, Nayanaa Kanodia says, “As a contemporary artist, my work is a reflection of the changing face of our nation, through the images of the notable celebrities and public figures, the urban elite and the common man on the street. The acute static demeanor of my portrayals lends itself to movement through the vehicles of vibrant and dynamic colors, the composition of patterns and intense details; the gentle Indian spirit reminiscent of centuries past fusing with the invasion of modern advents and amenities. She has exhibited widely in India and abroad, especially in London and Paris on Museums and in Art Galleries. In 1998, she was selected by The Commonwealth Institute, London all the artists of the Commonwealth Countries to hold a solo show in their extensively renovated complex. In 2001, she was invited by Victoria and Albert Museum, London to exhibit her work and to give a demonstration of her painting techniques. Nayanaa is the first Indian of non-British origin whose work is in the collection of a UK Museum, "Paintings in Hospitals". She has also conducted art camps in India and abroad. Her work features prominently in collections and in several auctions of Indian Contemporary Art internationally.