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Sharad is born in 1951. He earned his Master’s in Painting from Indore University, Indore (1975) and the National Diploma in Fine Arts, Fine Arts College, Indore (1973).

Sharad Sovani's figurative works are a tribute to the village women of India who preserve the ancient Indian way of life and the fast vanishing traditions. The festive colours celebrate the richness and power of tradition that they experience in their lives. Sharad Sovani's present style and technique is evolved from his past work, which are both realistic and abstract. Sharad was an artist at National Museum of Natural History, New Delhi, Exhibits Specialist at the American Embassy, New Delhi and Deputy Art Director for SPAN magazine. He was a Visiting Museum Specialist at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, U.S.A. and has traveled to France, Thailand, Singapore and USA.

Sharad has shown his paintings all over India and in the U.S. through numerous solo, group and National exhibitions, participated in artist camps, won awards and has done commissioned work. His paintings are in collection of the National Gallery of Modern Art, Air India, HUDCO, Park Hotel, and Centaur Hotel and with numerous private collectors all over the world.