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Suchimita is born in 1979. In Suchismita Sahoo's oils, two conjoined faces of the reality, ones presently live in. The first and the everlasting one so far is the integrity of nature of her flora and fauna – bees, birds, beasts, trees, bushes, flowers, the hitherto limpid waters, and the blemish less skies, etc. In all this there is a sense of calmer, sweeter and more spacious way of life and living. It is in this world one constantly turns to after ones trying, exhausting labours of sheer survival.. She has her MFA Master in history of art from Punjab University, PUNJAB (2003), BFA Bachelor in fine art from Utkal University, ORISSA (1999).Her collections are in the Indian embassy, Russia, Collected by Padamshri Anjolie Ela Menon, Collected by Arpana Kaur, Academy of art & literature, New Delhi, Air forces station Nalia, Gujarat, Air forces station 7 BRD, Tuglakabad, New Delhi, Collected by HPCL, Gujarat, Collected by “WOMENS’ERA”, New Delhi, B K College of art & crafts, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, Gallery Krishna’s collection, New Delhi.