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A man of many parts, Madhusudan Kumar excels in the arenas of visual and performing arts. As an accomplished portrait artist, cine poster designer and

illustrator of children’s books; his paintings on musical expressions were termed as ‘poetry in motion’ by art critics. His ‘Music of the Cosmos’ (Naad Brahma)

paintings series and portraits adorn the prestigious walls of corporate houses, institutions and residences, the world over. He has done his solo exhibitions in

Jehangir art gallery and various exhibitions in Dubai, Delhi, Mumbai etc. His paintings are in collections of many corporate houses like Air India, Citibank,

Emirates bank, Quantum mutual funds and also in the collections of film stars like Zeenat aman, Sunil Shetty, Mahima Choudhry among others.

“Ankhon se suno... kanon se dekho” (Listen through your eyes... hear from your ears) said ‘Aftaab’-e- Sitar’ Ustad Vilayat Khan, whose disciple he became

during the late sixties. His recitals on Sitar were held at various venues, the recent one organized by IIT Madras on the concluding day of the ‘5G conference’

of Scientists from across the globe.

Winner of several awards for art and music during his high school and college days at St.Aloysius College Mangalore; that included the ‘Best artist- Mysore

University’, he won the coveted ‘Bhulabhai Memorial Prize’ of ‘Bombay Art Society’ at ‘Jehangir Art Gallery in 1966..